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 Game APK: Realm Guards TD Hack Mod for ANDROID

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Game APK: Realm Guards TD Hack Mod for ANDROID Empty
Bài gửiTiêu đề: Game APK: Realm Guards TD Hack Mod for ANDROID   Game APK: Realm Guards TD Hack Mod for ANDROID EmptySun Nov 08, 2020 12:12 am

Game APK: Realm Guards TD Hack Mod for ANDROID MpVyqGDdROQha0cTpcxTbbeIGhHBJRMSfK-9tHTdvCNh8WBwNYxoroy_EaqU3utnNw=s180

Game APK: Realm Guards TD Hack Mod for ANDROID[th] Version:[/th]
[th] Root needed:[/th]
[th] Internet required:[/th]
[th] Size:[/th]
[th] Price:[/th]
[th] Categories:[/th]
[th] CHPlay URL:[/th]

FREE Features

42 MB
Action Game


Turn Off Menu To Complete Tutorial !
1. Android 6+ It Is Necessary To Enable The Storage & Phone Permissions In The App Settings First
Go To Setting => App Manager => Find Game => Click It To Enable

Note: Vip Member Use Android 10 :
Then Enable The Storage & Phone Permissions. Play Game But Get Crash.
Please Copy Blackmod.License Files And Put It In Sdcard/Android/Data/com.enjoygame.ttdg
That Mean U Need Put Two Blackmod.License Files (1 In Sdcard And 1 In Sdcard/Android/Data/com.enjoygame.ttdg

Preview Mod:

Game Description

The long horn of the fantasy war is blowing, mighty defenders around the world are girding themselves for endless battles! Get ready for this brand-new tower defense RPG in 3D graphics, take command of powerful heroes, arrange effective strategies, design your own defensive lineup to fight against terrifying invaders and bosses.
Darkness shrouds the whole kingdom while people standing in the cold silence. The lord needs you to use tactics to defend the tower and save the kingdom! By being a guardian of the realm, you will customize your own defensive lineup with different tower upgrades, deploy legendary heroes to protect the lord away from invading creatures.

-Command 34 powerful heroes with unique abilities and upgradeable options.
-Over 300+ exciting levels with various game play modes.
-Customize your own defensive strategy to protect the realm.
-Waves of enemies offer multiple challenges: use your tactics to destroy dark force.
-Compete in Arena to display your combat power and win amazing prizes.
-Upgrade lord's level to play great defense in intense battles.
-Beautiful graphics and special effects

Overcome your fear and walk over to the dark force! Get ready to become the best tactician to defend your realm from invading enemies in this most engaging TD game. Join NOW and be the mightiest defender ever!

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Game APK: Realm Guards TD Hack Mod for ANDROID
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